Meet Nate Fuller, Spencer Peterman’s Boston Public Market Manager

Did you know that we have two retail locations, one in the hills of Western MA and one in downtown Boston? Spencer Peterman’s Boston store is located in the Boston Public Market, an indoor, year-round market featuring over 30 of the area’s finest artisans and food producers. Everything offered at the Market is sourced in New England, and we’re proud to be part of this classic destination.

Visit our stall at Boston Public Market and you’ll get to meet Nate Fuller, our friendly and talented retail manager. Nate brings so much to our little corner of BPM, so this month on the blog we’d like to highlight Nate and help you all get to know him a little bit better.

A Chat with Nate Fuller at Boston Public Market

Q: Hi Nate, how long have you been working at Spencer Peterman?

A: 5 ½ years!


Meet Nate, our Boston Public Market manager.

Q: What does your job entail?

A: Talking to the people about the lovely products Spencer and the crew make! As well as all the responsibilities a store manager has, like inventory.

Q: How big is the team at Spencer Peterman in Boston Public Market?

A: Just myself and Jake (who’s part time).

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at SP?

A: Being from Western Mass, it’s nice to have a part of home in the big city. Having been part of the team for a few years, my house is filled with bowls and boards that I use every day. It’s such a unique product that can be used! I also love working at the Boston Public Market for its sense of community. We all help each other out.

Q: Tell us a little bit about what Boston Public Market is like now that things are reopening?

A: BPM is starting to come back to life. We have a few new vendors that have opened up that were put on hold due to the pandemic. The community at the BPM is back and we are starting to see regulars come in.

Q: What’s your favorite SP product?

A: The rectangular cutting board. I have one by my toaster for toast in the morning.

Our Live Edge Rectangular Boards.

Q: What products are most popular with customers?

A: Our 15” Spalted Maple Bowl, for sure. People love seeing how the fungus has grown and the different patterns it leaves.


Q: If a customer wanted to visit the Boston Public Market location and also make a day of it in the city–where else should they go?

A: Boston Gardens/Commons for a nice stroll in the park. The North end for its Italian restaurants and pastry shops! (Bova’s is my go to.)

Owners Spencer and Michele at our BPM stall.

Q: What’s your all-time favorite spot in the city?

A: Wally’s Jazz Club. One of the oldest living jazz clubs in Boston that is open 7 days a week. Great place to see young, up and coming musicians.

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

A: I’m a musician (saxophonist)! So I’m usually in the studio, practicing, or seeing a show. Besides gigging, I love to cycle, hike, and be outside. 

Q: What’s something that people might not know about you?

A: I have a freckle in the left eye.

Spencer enjoying the city.

Q: Most recent good book you’ve read?

A: The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff. Great read! I was a huge Winnie the Pooh fan as a kid, so to have Taoism explained through Pooh is such a great read.

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

A: Instant Travel! I’d love to explore the world.

Q: What food could you not live without?

A: Pizza with caramelized onions and peppers.

Bowls on display in Boston.

Q: Any parting thoughts/other things you’d like to share?

A: Just want to say how much I love working for the Petermans. Local, Love, and Logs. To be in direct contact with the owners of a company in this way is amazing, especially ones as talented as they are.

Q: Thank you, Nate, for giving us a little behind-the-scenes peek at the Boston shop and letting us get to know you bit. We think “Local, Love, and Logs” sums our business perfectly!

How to Visit Our Boston Location

Come visit Spencer Peterman’s Boston Public Market location, where you can say hi to Nate, try fresh local eats, and see our boards and bowls in person.

Boston Public Market is located at 100 Hanover Street. Parking is available directly above the Market at the Parcel 7 Parking Garage, or take the Orange line or Green line to the Haymarket T station (you can’t miss the Market when you exit!).

You’ll find us in Stall #38. See you there!


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