What’s the Best Wood for Salad Bowls? 

Live edge Ambrosia Maple Bowl and salad tossers

What’s the best wood for salad bowls? We’ll examine the many varieties that are available in this post and give our top picks based on sustainability and durability. We’ll also explain why wooden bowls are a great complement to any kitchen and provide easy maintenance tips. Wooden Salad Bowls vs Metal or Plastic First, why […]

Are Wooden Bowls Microwave Safe?

microwave are wooden bowls microwave safe

Are wooden bowls microwave safe? Is the beauty of a handmade wooden bowl and the convenience of a microwave compatible? In this post, we’ll explore how microwaves work, why heat is unsafe for wooden bowls, and what types of bowls are safe to use in a microwave. We’ll also discuss what to do if you […]

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