The classic round bowl has a finished flat top, while the rim on our live edge wooden exposes the outer edges of the log.  The live edge cut is a more natural shape and tends to be more oval.  

All trees are slightly different in hue and detail and this makes each bowl different and unique.  The same is true when you buy a bowl with a paint wash, the final color alters slightly depending on the underlying hue of the wood.  So, if you looked at 3 gray bowls, each would be a slightly different hue of gray, though all have passed through a rigorous approval process before making it to the shelf.  We pay great attention to detail to ensure that anything leaving our shop meets our highest standards, and if it doesn’t, it gets placed in our “seconds pile” that we sell at a discount in our showroom in Gill, Massachusetts.  

Yes, we’ve taken great care to ensure all of our finishes are 100% food safe. 

Shipping is always free within the continental United States.  Additional costs to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico and internationally.  

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. 

Orders will usually arrive within 2 weeks.  Shipping time varies across the country.  We ship products out twice a week.  Since we are a Massachusetts based company, shipping within New England might only take a few days.  Shipping to California or Texas, might take closer to a week.  We will try to contact you if we foresee your package  taking longer than 2 weeks.  If you are in a rush, please let us know in the ‘messages section’ at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

We might!  It depends on how close you are to us.  Generally, we work with local tree services within a one hour radius from our workshop.  We turn Maple, Oak, Black Walnut, Cherry, and Cherry Burl.  We prefer logs that have a diameter of at least 16.”  Give us a call if you think you cover all those criteria.  

Our color-washed bowls do not need wood conditioning.  That includes, our driftwood, ebonized black and white pearl lines.  For all other products, wood conditioners greatly enhance the life and beauty of wood.  

We recommend using either of our 2 conditioners: Black Walnut Conditioner or our Beeswax Conditioner once a month to keep your bowl in prime condition. This helps prevent it from drying out as well as from absorbing too much moisture. Use these conditioners on all our bowls or boards EXCEPT our driftwood, white pearl, ebonized black and sea glass bowls. These bowls are finished with an acrylic food safe finish and should not be oiled.  We also suggest cleaning all our bowls right after use at the table. Hand washing and towel drying is recommended.  Do not let wood soak in water overnight.  Our bowls make great fruit bowls, but check your fruit occasionally.  A rotting piece of fruit can leave a stain.  

Yes, our black walnut wood conditioner is vegan.  

In most cases it will have to be sent back to us, sanded and refinished. Repairs start at $50 (plus shipping).  

Sorry we only fix bowls that we make.

No, we would not recommend putting your wooden bowl in the oven.  Drying out your bowl too much can cause it to crack or burn. 

Our ebonized black bowls are made using a food safe stain made from vinegar and steel wool. This process goes back to the colonial days in New England.  Our Black Ebonized bowls generally have a more uniform color than the black walnut.  Black walnut does not have a stain, but is in fact the name of the wood.  It is generally dark brown and sometimes has lighter sapwood grains running through it. 

That’s right!  Almost everything we make is right on site here in Gill, Massachusetts.  Our trees are locally sourced and stored on site.  Our amazing employees are from Gill, Greenfield and the surrounding towns.  

Making large wooden bowls is time consuming and difficult (which is why they are hard to find!).  Not only is it difficult to source up-cycled wood big enough to make a 21″ bowl, but, when we do, it takes 3x longer to turn a bowl that size.  They are also harder to sand without cracking and once completed, they can take up to a month to dry in our kiln.  All-in-all, the survival rate is much lower for larger bowls than for smaller ones.   We do all that work in Western Massachusetts while striving to pay living wages and offer free shipping on heavy wood that can cost upwards of $80 to ship across the country. 

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