Oprah's Gift List!

We made the “O” list again! Our driftwood wooden bowls were featured in a list of Oprah’s favorite things, titled 15 American-Made Things Oprah Loves. This list was a compilation of things crafted in the U.S.A. that she thinks are great for gifting.


The Peterman Family Promise

We believe in upcycling – taking logs that are discarded, and making something beautiful out of them.  Normally, local tree service companies would get rid of, chip up or make firewood out of decaying logs – and that’s where we come in.  We embrace the natural decomposition that gives each of our wooden serving boards and bowls a distinctive character. We proudly use woods local to central New England: the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont forests are a rich resource. 

Spencer is a master craftsman and artist, magically breathing new life into decomposing wood.  Each of the wood accessories he creates has its own unique story, and is handcrafted here, in New England.  We are honored to share our rich history of farmhouse kitchens, wooden bowls and craftsmanship with you. Browse hand turned wooden bowls for sale here today!

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