Hand-Turned Wooden Bowls: An Ancient and Modern Art

spalted maple round bowls proof dough dough rising spencer peterman

At Spencer Peterman, we transform locally and sustainably sourced wood into exquisite hand-turned wooden bowls. This artisanal process, deeply rooted in tradition and history, yields unparalleled results that set Spencer Peterman apart in the realm of wooden craftsmanship. In this post we will explore both the history and process of hand-turning wooden bowls. The Rich […]

What is the Best Type of Bowl to Proof Dough In?

wood proofing bowl dough

In the realm of baking, achieving the perfect rise in your dough is an art, and selecting the right bowl for proofing plays a pivotal role in this process. With many options available, it can be hard to choose the best type of bowl to proof dough in. This guide will explore the key factors […]

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