Wood Anniversary Gifts: Celebrating Five Years of Love

wood anniversary gift fifth anniversary

Traditionally, the fifth year of marriage is celebrated with wood anniversary gifts, symbolizing the strength and stability of the union. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of wood as an anniversary gift. In addition, we’ll also share some of our favorite wooden anniversary gift ideas.

Whether you are looking to honor tradition or find a unique present, this guide will help you choose the perfect wood anniversary gift.

Where Did the Tradition of Gifting Different Materials Originate?

The tradition of giving specific materials for each anniversary dates back to the Victorian era. During this period, there was a heightened emphasis on the symbolism and meaning behind everyday objects. Each anniversary material was carefully chosen to represent the stage of the marriage. 

Less expensive and more fragile materials, such as paper or cotton, marked the celebration of early anniversaries. These reflected the fledgling nature of the relationship. As the years passed and the marriage strengthened, the gifts became more valuable and durable, symbolizing the couple’s growing bond and the enduring nature of their commitment.

Traditional vs. Modern Anniversary Gifts

While traditional anniversary gifts have their roots in history, modern anniversary gift ideas have also emerged. These contemporary suggestions often reflect current trends and preferences. For example, while wood is the traditional gift for the fifth anniversary, the modern equivalent is silverware. Modern lists aim to provide more practical and relevant gift ideas for today’s couples, balancing tradition with contemporary tastes.

Why is Wood the Traditional 5th Anniversary Gift?

Reaching the five-year mark in a marriage is a significant milestone, symbolizing the growth and strength of the relationship. Wood, representing stability and durability, is the traditional gift for this anniversary. Just as trees grow and strengthen over time, a marriage that has endured five years is seen as robust and resilient. This symbolism highlights the deep-rooted connection between the couple, emphasizing the importance of a solid foundation in a long-lasting marriage.

Why Give Wooden Anniversary Gifts?

Following the tradition of giving specific anniversary gifts can add a layer of meaning and significance to the celebration. These traditions connect couples to the past, creating a sense of continuity and shared history. 

Additionally, they also provide an opportunity to reflect on the qualities that each material represents, fostering a deeper appreciation for the relationship’s journey. 

Furthermore, traditional gifts can inspire creativity and thoughtfulness, encouraging couples to find unique and meaningful ways to incorporate the material into their gifts.

Our Favorite Wood Anniversary Gifts

Choosing the perfect wood anniversary gift can be a delightful challenge. To help you, here are some unique and thoughtful ideas to consider:

Handmade Wooden Bowls and Cutting Boards

Cherry Burl Bowl wood anniversary gift handmade

At Spencer Peterman, our boards and bowls are popular wood wedding or anniversary gifts because of their combination of beauty and practicality. Not only that, but each piece is crafted by hand in our New England workshop using locally and sustainably sourced wood.

With the right care, our heirloom-quality wooden boards and bowls will last for generations, making them an anniversary gift that will be enjoyed for the whole marriage, and beyond.

spalted maple cutting board wood anniversary gifts

Wooden Chess Sets

A wooden chess set is a wonderful gift for couples who enjoy strategy games. Not only is it a beautiful piece to display, but it also offers countless hours of entertainment. The intricate craftsmanship of a well-made wooden chess set can make it a cherished keepsake. We love the one-of-a-kind beauty of these handcrafted olive wood chess sets.

wood anniversary gift chess board

Tree Ring Prints

A tree ring print symbolizes the passage of time and the growth of the relationship. Each ring represents a year of the tree’s life, mirroring the years in a marriage.

We especially love these tree ring prints by Erik Linton. Like us at Spencer Peterman, Linton only uses trees that have already fallen in his work.

Wood Art

Hanging wood art will not only add beauty to the happy couple’s home. It will also serve as a lasting visual reminder of a strong, loving marriage. We’re enamored with handmade wooden wall hangings from Etsy like this geometric piece and this carved wall hanging.

Wooden Bathtub Trays

bath caddy bathtub tray wood anniversary gift

For couples who enjoy soothing hot soaks, a wooden bathtub tray is perhaps one of the most luxurious wood anniversary gifts you can give.

These trays provide a convenient place to hold a book, a glass of wine, or a candle, enhancing the bath experience. Choose a design that suits their bathroom decor and personal style.

Wooden Reading Valets

A wooden reading valet is a perfect wood anniversary gift for lovers who are also book lovers. These stands guarantee you’ll never lose your place and they also hold space for reading comforts like a hot mug of tea and reading glasses.

Wooden Coasters

Wooden coasters are a simple yet meaningful gift. To make the gift even more special, consider coasters with unique designs or personalized engravings.

wood anniversary gift coaster

Keepsake Boxes

Last but not least, a wooden keepsake box is a beautiful way to store mementos and cherished items. Choose a design that reflects the couple’s taste, and consider adding a personal engraving. This gift provides a safe place for treasured memories, making it a meaningful addition to their home.

Wood Anniversary Gifts: Keeping With Tradition

Celebrating the fifth year of marriage with wood anniversary gifts honors tradition. This practice also symbolizes the strength and growth of the relationship. Whether you choose a classic item like a wooden bowl or a more unique gift like a tree ring print, these gifts are sure to be cherished. 

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