Navigating A New World

Thinking of you…

Hope your loved ones are healthy and in good spirits.  Thinking about all of the essential workers, nurses, doctors, mail-delivery-people and first responders.  You matter to us and thank you. In these uncertain times we find ourselves asking how we can both stay-afloat and be-of-service to our community.

How business has changed:

Our production barn and both of our galleries in Gill and the Boston Public Market are closed until further notice.  We rely on wholesale orders from small mom-and-pop shops that are also closed across the country.  That means, unfortunately, that we have had to lay-off our staff of 25 while we actively seek new and creative ways to ride out this storm and/or change the way we do business.

What we are doing about it:

All sales have moved online (Michele and Spencer live on site, so they will still be shipping from home while following strict hygiene protocols).  We are rolling out some new and relevant products and mostly thinking about how we can be of service to our community and staff. We have some cool ideas… more on that in the next newsletter.


The Good News…

Spencer & Michele tied-the-knot!  Just when Spencer and Michele thoughts it might be OK to take a month off from the small business they built with a lot of sweat equity, the world went into crisis.  In the airport, on their way home, they were on the phone trying to navigate the fast changing scenery and figure out how to keep employees employed and safe.

Meanwhile At Home…

Since all non-essential businesses have been closed in Massachusetts, Spencer and Michele have been spending their honey-moon at home, with each other.  This picture of Spencer was too wonderful not to share.

“This is what I love about my husband Spencer… his lack of vanity.”  ~ Michele



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