Why Choose Handmade Wooden Bowls?

spalted live edge bowl

Not to brag, but our handmade wooden bowls are a little bit…famous. We’re proud (and amazed!) to say that they’ve been featured in the New Yorker and The Boston Globe, and even made Oprah’s list several years running.

So, what makes something as simple as a wooden bowl so fabulous?

Part of it, we think, is that wooden bowls are simply inherently wonderful. By combining the many benefits of wooden kitchenware with our own unique take on bowl turning, we’ve created a line of handmade wooden bowls that we are incredibly proud to share. Our collection is beautiful, functional, and sustainable.

In this post, we’ll talk about why woodenware is ideal for the kitchen, and explore our collection of wooden bowls.

What Are the Benefits of Wooden Bowls?

petermans spalted maple handmade wooden bowls

There are many reasons to use handmade wooden bowls for serving and food preparation. Let’s name just a few:

Our Wooden Bowls are Handmade:

Our wooden bowls have many intrinsic benefits, the first one being their handmade nature. Because each bowl is crafted by hand in our New England workshop, each one is unique, with one-of-a-kind patterns in each piece (you can’t say that about melamine!).

Wooden Bowls are Hygienic:

Wooden bowls are hygienic by nature, and easily cleaned and sanitized with natural products you likely have on hand at home.

While plastic can certainly be washed well, and withstand higher temperatures than wood, plastic is also vulnerable to damage from knives and other utensils. This creates grooves where bacteria can hide and proliferate.

Wood, particularly hardwood, is less susceptible to this kind of damage. We create our bowls exclusively with hardwoods.

Wooden Bowls are Durable:

Compared to other materials such as glass, china, or pottery, wooden kitchenware is tough and durable. All of our handmade wooden bowls are turned from hardwoods such as cherry, walnut, maple, and oak. Not only will our bowls last generations with the proper cleaning and conditioning protocol, they also can withstand the normal accidents of kitchen life–like falling off the counter!

Wooden Bowls are Sustainable:

While all wood is biodegradable and renewable, we take the sustainability level of our bowls to the next level. We use exclusively locally sourced, upcycled wood from local tree services. We rescue these logs from the burn pile, giving them new life as functional works of art in your kitchen.

Our Wooden Bowls are Food Safe

You can use our handmade wooden bowls with confidence. All of our wood finishes are 100% natural and food safe. By using wood, you’ll avoid the possibility of ingesting tiny particles that can chip off of plastic dishware. 

For all the benefits they offer, wooden bowls are easy to maintain. They will last for decades with the right care. To help you keep your bowls  in optimal condition, we created this guide to cleaning and conditioning wooden kitchenware.

Our Handmade Wooden Bowl Collection

Our handmade wooden bowls come in a range of sizes, styles, and food safe finishes to meet your kitchen needs and fit your personal aesthetic.

All of our bowls are handcrafted, upcycled, and one-of-a-kind. Each is made in our Western MA workshop, from locally sourced and upcycled wood from surrounding forests.

Classic Round Bowls

classic round handmade wooden bowls salad

Our Classic Round bowls are available in three types of wood: spalted maple, ambrosia maple, black walnut, and cherry. 

We also offer our Classic Round bowls in three different all-natural, 100% food safe finishes: driftwood, ebonized black, and white pearl. We typically use oak to create these bowls.

Our Classic Round handmade wooden bowls range in size from 10” to 21” in diameter.

Live Edge Oval Bowls

Our Live Edge Oval bowls are available in the same wood, finish, and size options as our Classic Rounds, but with a twist. Instead of a rim with a finished flat top, our oval bowls have a live edge that shows off the outer edges of the logs we source.

Our Live Edge Oval bowls also come in one particularly gorgeous variation that you won’t find in our other bowl lines: our famous burl bowls.

Burls form on trees as the result of a stressor, such as an injury. You’ve likely seen these bulbous growths on trees before. While burls might appear as an imperfection on a living tree, burl wood is notoriously hard to find and highly sought after for its unparalleled beauty. From these so-called imperfections, some of our favorite bowls emerge.

Harvest Bowls

With exquisitely placed handles and an elegant oval shape, our Harvest Bowls are ideal for gathering fresh garden produce, serving a family-sized salad, or putting produce on display. They make a lovely centerpiece for any table.

Our Harvest Bowls are currently available in spalted maple, cherry, white pearl, and ebonized black, in sizes ranging from 15” to 21”.

You can shop our full line of bowls right here on our website.

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