Our Handmade Salad Bowl and Server Sets

white pearl salad tossers harvest bowl sustainable mothers day gift

Whether you’re seeking the perfect wedding gift or making an investment in your own kitchen, we offer a wide selection of handmade salad bowl and server sets to choose from. We make each set by hand in our Western MA workshops with sustainably, locally sourced wood and all natural, 100% food safe wood finishes.

The best part? You can pair any of our large wooden salad bowls with the servers of your choice, to make a unique set that fits your style. 

spalted maple salad bowl and server set

About Our Handmade Salad Bowls and Servers

Sure, you can grab kitchenware for your home at any big box store or buy from an online wedding registry. However, our handmade salad bowl and server sets are unlike anything you can purchase from a major retailer.

Here’s what makes our wooden kitchenware special:

First, sustainability. All of our bowls and servers are handcrafted from locally sourced, upcycled logs that would otherwise be burned, chipped, or tossed. We collect these logs, mainly from local tree services, and turn them into gorgeous, functional, and lasting pieces.

Second, we use only natural, 100% food safe finishes on all of our work, including our driftwood, white pearl, and ebonized black bowls and servers.

In addition, our bowls are durable. With the proper care, our bowls and servers can last for decades. 

Finally, our sets are versatile. When not being used for serving, our gorgeous one-of-a-kind sets make wonderful display pieces. Let them stand on their own, or add fruit or seasonal decor such as pine cones or candles to a bowl to create a dining table centerpiece.

Our Handmade Salad Bowls

Our handmade salad bowls come in three styles: Classic Round, Live Edge Oval, and Harvest Bowls. All three styles are available in several finishes and wood types, in sizes up to 21” in diameter.

Choose from ebonized black, ambrosia maple, spalted maple, cherry, driftwood, white pearl, and black walnut.

classic round handmade wooden bowls salad

Our Classic Round handmade bowls are perfectly round with a clean edge. Our Classic Round driftwood bowls are one of Oprah’s favorite things!

live edge bowlhandmade wooden bowl oval

With an organic shape and live wood edge, our Live Edge Oval bowls bring a more rustic look to the kitchen.

Our Harvest Bowls feature exquisitely placed handles. These bowls are fantastic for everything from serving at family dinners to harvesting fresh garden produce.

Our Handmade Salad Servers

Fun fact: we create our salad servers using rough bowls that, once turned, weren’t suitable for finishing, but perfect for making into salad tossers! Nothing goes to waste here at Spencer Peterman. We are constantly seeking ways to be sustainable in every aspect of our business.

Our salad servers come in three sizes and, like our bowls, are available in ebonized black, driftwood, white pearl, cherry, black walnut, and ambrosia and spalted maple.

black ebonized salad tossers

handmade salad bowl server set assorted servers

Spalted Maple Salad Tossers


Create the Perfect Handmade Salad Bowl and Server Set

Sustainable, durable, natural, and versatile: four things to love about our bowl and server sets. But we haven’t even gotten to the best part–mixing and matching to create the perfect set.

There are endless possibilities when pairing our bowls and servers. For a classic look, pair the same wood types or finishes. For contrasting pops of color and a more eclectic style, pair different wood types, finishes, and colors.

Ebonized live edge oak bowl and black walnut salad tossers salad bowl and server set

salad bowl and server set spalted maple and seaglass finish


Shop our full collection and make the perfect handmade salad bowl and server set for your kitchen right here.

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