White Pearl Harvest Bowls

15” Large Salad Bowl  (15” x 5”)  

Serves 5-8 people (8 side-salads, 4 full-meal salads)

18” Extra-Large Bowl  (18” x 6”)   

Serves large gatherings of 8-20 people, catering, art and décor piece

21” Oversized Jumbo Bowl   (21” x 7.5”)   

Serves large gatherings of 20-50 people, catering, art and décor piece

Our white pearl harvest bowls pay homage to a tradition of gathering that dates back to our earliest ancestors.  Each bowl is turned by hand on our lathe and finished with a food safe wash.  They have exquisitely placed handles, and are most frequently made from oak, a sought after hardwood known for being strong, heavy and straight-grained.

Our bowls are sustainably sourced, upcycled, and handcrafted in New England.  Our white pearl harvest bowls range in size from 15” to 21”, have an oval shape, handles and a smooth edge.

Size guide (above) and sizing blog available for reference.

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