Live edge Serving Boards & Trays

About our Spalted Maple wooden serving boards and trays. There are many species of Maple trees throughout New England. Maples are renowned for their magnificent display of oranges, browns, yellows and reds every year during the Autumn months. Spalted Maple is technically not a specific species of Maple, but rather a general description of any type of Maple that has been allowed to begin the initial stages of decay. The partial decay, called Spalting, gives the wood beautiful contrasting lines and streaks where fungus has begun to attack the tree. We rescue the trees from the spalting process at the right time when the wood is still sound enough to work with. In order to prevent further decay and to make them food safe we slowly dry our handmade serving boards for several weeks in our custom made kilns. Each one of our unique and beautiful live edge wood serving boards are like a work of art that seems to tell a story.