What is Ambrosia Maple Wood?

Live edge Ambrosia Maple Bowl and salad tossers

What is ambrosia maple? While the term might remind you of Greek mythology and the immortality-giving “nectar of the gods,” ambrosia wood has far humbler origins: a tiny beetle which burrows into wood, creating striking, unique patterns. Ambrosia maple is simply the wood harvested from maple trees affected by the ambrosia beetle in this way. […]

How Do We Make Such Large Wooden Bowls?

Cherry Burl Bowl

Looking for a large wooden bowl for your kitchen? The world’s largest wooden bowl was created by a team of woodworkers at a county fair in Hamburg, NY in 2018. At 15 feet in diameter, that bowl beat out a 13 foot diameter bowl made several years earlier in Austria for the world record. At […]

Why Choose Handmade Wooden Bowls?

spalted live edge bowl

Not to brag, but our handmade wooden bowls are a little bit…famous. We’re proud (and amazed!) to say that they’ve been featured in the New Yorker and The Boston Globe, and even made Oprah’s list several years running. So, what makes something as simple as a wooden bowl so fabulous? Part of it, we think, […]

How to Clean and Care for a Wooden Bowl

natural food safe finishes wooden bowls

In this post, we’ll show you exactly how to clean a wooden bowl. We’ll also discuss how to sanitize your bowl effectively and safely, and how to condition your wooden bowl so that it’s always ready to serve. At Spencer Peterman, each  bowl is handcrafted in our New England workshop from locally sourced, upcycled wood, […]

Our Food Safe Wood Finishes: A Commitment to Beauty, Function, and Sustainability

white oak wood bowls

It’s important to us that our work be functional as well as beautiful. To achieve that goal, we use only all natural, food safe wood finishes, so that you can use our boards and bowls with confidence (although they stand on their own as a display piece, too!). In this post, we’ll guide you through […]