serving trays
serving trays
serving trays
serving trays
serving trays
serving trays
serving trays

serving trays


Bread Tray   18.5” x 9”

Bread and butter tray, cheese tray, tea server for 3 cups or teapot and large cup.

Small Tray   20” x 12”

Ideal service for one meal, mixed drinks or appetizers.

Medium Tray   21.5” x 13.5”

Beautiful charcuterie platter, large appetizer tray, or large meal and drink server.

Large Tray    24” x 15”

Large appetizer, cheese, charcuterie and drink server.  Tray for two medium sized meals. 

Our serving trays are a mastery of craftsmanship.  They come in 4 sizes with stunning handles and exceptional attention to detail.

Our serving trays are made with our popular spalted maple wood.  The maple tree is beloved throughout New England for it’s maple syrup and vibrant fall foliage.  Maple wood is characterized by a smooth grain and unique light color.  We upcycle fallen maple trees that are in the early stages of decomposition to get remarkable spalted lines running throughout the wood (read about it here!)

Our spalted maple serving trays have a natural, live edge, and rectangular shape.

Spencer Peterman has become renown for our wooden serving trays that display the intricate designs of spalted wood.  Each piece is one of a kind, not only because our woodenware is handmade, but because no two spalted designs are the same.  The bread tray is the smallest and narrowest tray available (as seen in the third and fourth pictures).  While the bread tray is ideal for a loaf and small plate of butter, it is also a lovely small tea server as pictured above (three large cups or a teapot and cup).  Our largest bread tray (also pictured above next to apple and plate) is quite large.  It can fit two 8″ plates to serve breakfast for two or a substantial breakfast for one including glassware and flowers (two 10″ plates can be squeezed in tightly).  These trays are popular not just for serving food but also for home décor.  They are often purchased to perched on chaise lounges, ottomans, and coffee tables.  We’ve even seen our bread tray looking regal atop a toilet filled with towels, soaps and paper.

Each piece is handcrafted in our workshop in Massachusetts from upcycled New England trees and 100% food safe.


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Learn more about our bowl making process here.


Sustainably sourced and upcycled

Finish, spalting, size and color may vary

100% food safe

Handcrafted in Massachusetts

Hand wash with mild soap and towel dry.

Apply mineral oil once a month to maintain the natural beauty of the wood, EXCEPT to products with our Driftwood, White Pearl, and Sea Glass finishes. These bowls are made with an acrylic food safe finish and should not be oiled.

Our mineral oil has a beeswax base that adds beauty and protection from everyday wear and tear. Beeswax conditioners help prevent wood from drying out as well as from absorbing too much moisture.

Prolonged exposure to water can cause damage; please do not submerge in water or place in the dishwasher.

Common mistakes include letting old fruit and vegetables mold at the bottom of a bowl (this may stain) and putting a bowl/board in the oven.