Cherry Harvest Bowls

15” Large Salad Bowl  (15” x 5”)  

Serves 5-8 people (8 side-salads, 4 full-meal salads)

18” Extra-Large Bowl  (18” x 6”)   

Serves large gatherings of 8-20 people, catering, art and décor piece

21” Oversized Jumbo Bowl   (21” x 7.5”)   

Serves large gatherings of 20-50 people, catering, art and décor piece

Our beautiful harvest bowls pay homage to a tradition of gathering that dates back to our earliest ancestors.  Our cherry harvest bowls have exquisitely placed handles, and are turned by hand into an oval shape.

The harvest bowls range in size from 15” to 21”, are sustainably sourced, upcycled, and handcrafted in New England.

Size guide (above) and sizing blog available for reference.

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