Black Walnut Wood Conditioner (vegan)

natural10” Medium Bowl   (10” x 3”)   

Serves sides to 1-3 people.  Great for stone fruit, grapes and décor 

13” Large Bowl (13” x 4”)  

Serves 2-4 people (4 side salads/2 full meal salads), the perfect fruit bowl

15” Large Salad Bowl  (15” x 5”)  

Serves 5-8 people (8 side-salads, 4 full-meal salads)

18” Extra-Large Bowl  (18” x 6”)   

Serves large gatherings of 8-20 people, catering, art and décor piece

21” Oversized Jumbo Bowl   (21” x 7.5”)   

Serves large gatherings of 20-50 people, catering, art and décor piece

Our black walnut oil conditioner is a popular vegan option that adds beauty and protection from everyday wear and tear.  It is made using two ingredients; black walnut oil and candelilla wax (from the candelilla plant).  This wood conditioner will help prevent our wooden ware from drying out as well as from absorbing too much moisture.  Despite the color, our black walnut conditioner dries clear and will not tint your wooden bowl.

Apply our black walnut conditioner once a month to maintain the natural beauty of wood.

Please do not use conditioners on our Driftwood, White Pearl, and Sea Glass finishes.

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