Holiday Gift Giving with Spencer Peterman

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At Spencer Peterman, every piece we make is crafted by hand and can last a lifetime with the proper love and care. Our boards, bowls, and salad servers are both beautiful and practical, the perfect holiday gifts for anyone who appreciates both great craftsmanship and hardworking, sustainable kitchen tools. In this post, we’ll guide you […]

Never Board At Work:A Spencer Peterman Spotlight with Stu Doogan

Walking into the Spencer Peterman workshop in Turners Falls, I am struck by a few things: the morning light streaming through the windows, motes of illuminated dust from a newly sanded board hanging in the air, and the easy workplace camaraderie between the two men inside. Spencer is working on a large slab of wood […]

serving boards with handle

The hard to carve handle makes these boards pretty exceptional works of art.

Our handled serving boards are functional for cutting but beautiful enough to hang on your wall when not in use.  We suggest cutting on one size and serving on the other.  These cutting boards make a beautiful platter for charcuterie, cheese and appetizers.

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Learn more about our bowl making process here.


Sustainably sourced and upcycled

Finish, size and color may vary

100% food safe

Handcrafted in Massachusetts

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Our Secret Recipe Starts with Trash and -Turns- It Into Treasure Spencer Peterman is always on the lookout for fallen trees rotting in the woods. He gets excited about this kind of stuff. So do his customers. Hidden in those fallen trees — especially the ones covered by moss and dirt — is wood disfigured […]

What’s Upcycling?

Moss. Dirt. Rot. Decomposition. Nature’s clean-up crews. But what does rot have to do with beautiful, handcrafted boards and bowls? A lot, actually! So what is upcycling? Spencer Peterman’s favorite trees are ones others might overlook – maybe because, often times, they are already lying on the ground. Camouflaged among the leaves littering the forest […]