Our American Made Wooden Bowls

petermans spalted maple

When it comes to the tradition of craftsmanship, few things can compare to the beauty and quality of American made wooden salad bowls. Our locally sourced, upcycled bowls are the perfect way to reduce, reuse, and recycle while still adding an elegant touch to your home.  Handcrafted in New England, these wooden salad bowls are […]

Our Natural Edge Wood Bowls

The art of crafting natural edge wood bowls is truly fascinating. Natural edge wooden bowls are created by leaving the edges of the wood bowl in its natural form, creating a unique shape and texture. This technique of turning wood into something functional and beautiful is an old one, and the results are often breathtaking.  […]

Maple Burl bowl

The Burls are back in town! We are excited to say we have Maple Burls back in stock while quantities last.  Burl wood is an exquisite hard wood with unparalleled beauty often admired for their irregularity. They range from fully functional bowls to unique artistic conversational pieces.  Burl wood is notoriously rare and hard to […]

Our Burl Wood Bowls

spencer peterman

In this post, we’ll explore the origins of wood burls and our famous burl wood bowls. We’ll discuss how burl wood is formed, what makes it so unique, and our own process of working with burl wood. What is Burl Wood? Burl wood is simply the material harvested from burls, which are formations that can […]

How Do We Make Such Large Wooden Bowls?

Cherry Burl Bowl

Looking for a large wooden bowl for your kitchen? The world’s largest wooden bowl was created by a team of woodworkers at a county fair in Hamburg, NY in 2018. At 15 feet in diameter, that bowl beat out a 13 foot diameter bowl made several years earlier in Austria for the world record. At […]