Salad Servers

Handmade salad servers can toss leafy greens with the well-crafted look of an artisanal touch. Each set of two richly grained wood salad servers and wood salad tossers is unique. Salad Mixing and Serving Sets These hand-made salad tosser/server sets are unique salad servers with their elegantly and slightly bowed shape. They are carved from a variety of locally sourced hardwoods from New England. We hand rub them with Black Walnut oil which intensifies the rich colors and grains of each wood type. Choose the small 8” paddles for smaller bowls or the large 12” paddles for larger bowls. We offer our salad serving sets in Black Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Spalted Maple, Ambrosia Maple, White Pearl (hand rubbed oak with food safe milk paint), Driftwood (ebonized and hand rubbed with milk paint), or Ebonized Oak. Care Instructions- Rub your wood products with Black Walnut oil once a month to maintain the beauty of your tossers.