Our Food Safe Wood Finishes: A Commitment to Beauty, Function, and Sustainability

It’s important to us that our work be functional as well as beautiful. To achieve that goal, we use only all natural, food safe wood finishes, so that you can use our boards and bowls with confidence (although they stand on their own as a display piece, too!). In this post, we’ll guide you through […]

Holiday Gift Giving with Spencer Peterman

holiday gifts orders spencer peterman 2022

At Spencer Peterman, every piece we make is crafted by hand and can last a lifetime with the proper love and care. Our boards, bowls, and salad servers are both beautiful and practical, the perfect holiday gifts for anyone who appreciates both great craftsmanship and hardworking, sustainable kitchen tools. In this post, we’ll guide you […]

Live Edge Cherry Burl Bowls

Sustainably Sourced and Upcycled

Finish, size, detail and color may vary

100% food safe

Handcrafted in Massachusetts

What’s Upcycling?

Moss. Dirt. Rot. Decomposition. Nature’s clean-up crews. But what does rot have to do with beautiful, handcrafted boards and bowls? A lot, actually! So what is upcycling? Spencer Peterman’s favorite trees are ones others might overlook – maybe because, often times, they are already lying on the ground. Camouflaged among the leaves littering the forest […]