Wooden Bowl Sizing

We’ve put together a sizing companion to help you find the perfect wooden bowl for your home or kitchen.

Spencer Peterman bowls come in wooden bowl sizes ranging from 8 to 21 inches.  A few inches can make a big difference in the height and holding capacity of a wooden bowl.

Our eight inch bowl is small; it holds a standard restaurant side-salad. Small wooden salad bowls have so many other unique uses, such as catchalls and decor pieces. At the other end of the spectrum is our 21 inch bowl, which is truly enormous.  How big is enormous?! Well, if you were to hold your arms out in-front of you and make a circle, it is still probably bigger than that. It can hold an entire newborn baby, a stack of neatly rolled towels, and all of your hopes and dreams.  Bowls this size are hard to find in the world, and are truly a work of art.  Explore our various serving bowl sizes below.

That leaves all of the other sizes in-between….

Most popular are our ten, thirteen and fifteen inch bowls.  They are workhorses in the kitchen and easily transition to pieces of art in your home.

The Serving Bowl:

Our ten inch bowl is the perfect serving/accent bowl.  It is shown below holding 4 pears.  This bowl is used most frequently in our kitchen.  It is reached for daily to hold a bunch of grapes or dinner sides at the table.

The Perfect Fruit Bowl:

Our thirteen-inch bowl is significantly bigger than our 10″ bowl.  We think it’s the perfect wooden fruit bowl.  It happily fits all the fruit most people have in their home on a given day.  We show it pictured below holding 6 pears and a heaping pile of grapes.  This is our most versatile wood bowl.  It is stunning on a table or mantel and can also function as a small salad serving bowl that holds 4 side-salads or 2 full-meal salads.

Standard Sized Salad Bowl:

Fifteen-inches is the standard size for a wooden salad bowl.  The craftsmanship in this piece is a show stopper and one of the reasons people shop Spencer Peterman.   It serves 8 side-salads and 4 full-meal salads. Our salad gift-set/tosser packages always include our fifteen inch bowl size.  The photo below shows our Salad Bowl holding two bags of lettuce. At 15 inches, we completely size-out-of what you might see in a normal box/home goods store.

The BIG Bowls:

Our eighteen-inch wooden bowl is a piece of art.  Simply stunning and extra-large, this is a statement piece.  It is our way of bringing the outdoors-in, and fostering natural serenity to your home.  Plenty of people put it to use in the kitchen, kneading bread, or serving large quantities of people (8-20).  But if that’s not enough, our jumbo twenty-one-inch, over-sized, art bowl, serves 20-50!


More Sizing Details:

8” Small Salad Bowl   (8” x 2.5”)   Serves 1 person a standard side salad

10” Medium Serving Bowl   (10” x 3”)   Serves 1-3 people (3 large sides of potatoes)

13” The Perfect Fruit Bowl (13” x 4”)  Serves 2-4 people (4 side salads or a lot of fruit)

15” Large Salad Bowl  (15” x 5”)   Serves 5-8 people (8 side-salads, 4 full-meal salads)

18” Extra-Large Display Bowl/Art-piece   (18” x 6” )   Serves 8-20 people

21” Oversized Jumbo Display Bowl/Art-piece   (21” x 7.5”)   Serves 20-50 people

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